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Anti-aging begins with a skin care for the eyes.
Among all skincare products, eye creams have the highest concentration of the most advanced anti-aging technology.
Eye Cream for Face was developed to introduce the concept of applying this richness to the entire face,
elevating eye cream into the realm of total facial care to provide resilience, hydration, brightening, and nourishing effects.

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Aesthetics-Based Skincare Expertise

The best anti-aging ingredients formulated in optimal ratios combined
with a cutting-edge microemulsion technique deliver nutrients
deep into the skin: Eye Cream for Face is the ultimate product
of AHC’s expertise in skincare.
Made from a profound understanding and knowledge of skincare,
Eye Cream for Face provides the gratifying experience
of awakening your most beautiful self.

AHC’s Mega Seller, Eye Cream for Face

Eye Cream for Face boasts a staggering sales record of 5.24 million Purchase since its launch.
Infused with expert skincare know-how and offered
at a reasonable price, the eye cream’s unmatched quality has captured the hearts of women around the globe.


Global market research firm Kantar Worldpanel’s sales analysis
by eye cream type proves that AHC’s Eye Cream for Face line products
achieved top sales out of all Korean eye creams.

Eye Cream
Market Share


With 5.24 million cumulative sales from the first season product
launch through the fifth, mega seller Eye Cream for Face is
AHC’s most representative and beloved product.

Cumulative Sales
5.24 million

Research Institute: Global market research firm (Kantar Worldpanel)
Research Period: Jan. 4, 2016–Jan. 1, 2017
Research Subjects: 9,700 women of ages 15 to 65 living in Korea (excluding Jeju-do)
Research Area: Analysis on the sales of eye cream types in the skincare market

The Eye Cream for Face Product Line

  • Real Eye Cream for Face

    Real Eye Cream
    for Face

    Firming and tightening
    anti-aging eye cream
    with EGF ingredients

  • Premium Real Eye Cream

    Premium Real
    Eye Cream for Face

    Tone-correcting anti-aging
    eye cream with brightening ingredients

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  • Private Real Eye Cream

    Private Real Eye Cream
    for Face

    Anti-aging eye cream
    enriched with nourishing

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  • The Real Eye Cream

    The Real Eye Cream
    for Face

    Deeply nourishing
    anti-aging eye cream
    with micro-molecular moisture

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  • The Pure Real

    The Pure Real
    Eye Cream for Face

    Hypoallergenic anti-aging
    eye cream with natural

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  • Ultimate Real Eye Cream

    Ultimate Real Eye Cream
    for Face

    Super absorbent
    anti-aging eye cream
    with thermosensitive

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